Emergency Care

Our Emergency Department provides care to individuals with medical, surgical and traumatic emergencies. It is fully staffed 24 hours a day by emergency physicians and registered nurses to provide immediate care to those in need. The Emergency Department is supported by board-certified physicians and the full services of all hospital departments.

Whenever possible, emergency department care is segregated according to the severity of the illness or injury, enabling critical patients to be treated and cared for before noncritical patients. RGH’s Emergency Department treats around 11,000 emergencies each year.

RGH is able to offer patients emergency neurological consults, particularly those suspected of stroke symptoms, through a teleneurology partnership, effective June 2011. Through this process, when a potential stroke victim enters the emergency department, the staff is connected to an on-call expert neurologist and a videoconferencing link is established using a mobile unit that can be brought to the patient’s bedside. The consulting neurologist can view diagnostic tests and results and have real-time discussions about course of treatment and patient response. Because of the startling fast and destructive effects of a stroke - the National Stroke Association reports that 1.9 million irreplaceable brain cells are lost every minute during a stroke - time is of the essence, and decreasing the need to transport patients to larger facilities is a tremendous accomplishment for the overall level of health care for the Northern Neck.

Emergency Transportation
In the event that our patients need rapid transfer to the next level of specialty care, our on-site helicopter pad permits fast transfer to an advanced medical facility chosen in consultation with you and your doctor. We also have an advanced life support certified ambulance available 24/7.